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Gerrit Cole, Aaron Boone ejected by umpire Brian Knight

Gerrit Cole looks at the umpire

Gerrit Cole and Aaron Boone were ejected by umpire Brian Knight during Friday night’s New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game.

The Yankees were leading 4-1 in the top of the sixth. Cole put two runners on and had a 1-2 count on Alex Verdugo. He threw a fastball low and away that Verdugo took, and Knight called it a ball.

The very next pitch, Verdugo hit a 3-run home run to tie the game.

Cole was ticked off about not getting the call on the 1-2 pitch to Verdugo that would have ended the inning. The Yankees pitcher struck out JD Martinez next to end the inning and could be heard dropping an F-bomb and yelling at Knight.

Knight ejected Cole and then Boone, who came out to defend his player.

Cole allowed four runs over six innings. He had thrown 103 pitches, so he was probably going to be pulled from the game anyway. Still, he was ticked about not getting that critical call, and let Knight hear about it.

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