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Even Catwoman Admits She Knows Batman Is Her Future

Catwoman is exploring her romantic options in her most recent storyline, but she still has a special place in her heart, mind, and future for Batman.

Warning: SPOILERS for Catwoman #49The couple may be on an extended break, but even Catwoman knows that her relationship with Batman is inevitable. The fan-favorite pairing have been taking some time apart in the main DC Universe, and Selina has been seeing other people. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t see a future for her and Batman.

The Batman/Catwoman relationship has seen some major ups and downs the last few years, with the climax being their failed engagement. Even though they didn’t get married and are now spending some well-deserved time apart, the ex-couple still clearly shares great tenderness for each other. That tenderness isn’t stopping Selina Kyle from meeting new people, however. In the latest Catwoman run, Selina has started seeing an ex-assassin named Valmont while also kindling some tension with another past love interest: Eiko Hasigawa, who currently shares the Catwoman mantle with Selina.


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Despite these new (and old) romances currently taking up her time, Catwoman still admits that she knows Batman is her future in Catwoman #49 by Tini Howard, Nico Leon, Veronica Gandini, and Lucas Gattoni. After saving her new friend Noah, they have a conversation about failed romances, seeing as Noah’s ex betrayed him for the Mob. Selina confesses that her relationship with Batman isn’t so much failed as it is on pause: “When I think about B–mm. My ex…I don’t feel like he’s the past I’m running from, I feel like he’s my future.

Catwoman Deserves to Have a Romance Centered Around Her

Catwoman Discusses Her Relationship with Batman

This run has been refreshing in its take on Selina’s love life, especially as she explores a new relationship with the mysterious Valmont while also navigating her tense working relationship with Eiko Hasigawa. This is a marked difference from past explorations of Catwoman’s romantic history, as this story actually centers Selina instead of her relationship to Batman. By returning to the Batman question now, after focusing almost solely on Catwoman as the central figure in these love stories, the conversation still centers Selina and her timeline. This moment between her and Noah promises a future for the Batman/Catwoman relationship (and its fans) while still giving Catwoman the space she needs to be her own person and antihero.

Catwoman may be exploring her romantic options in her most recent storyline, but she still has a special place in her heart, mind, and future for Batman. According to this conversation, she doesn’t even truly consider him her “ex,” as it implies something far too permanent. This new insight into Selina’s perspective assures fans that there will be a future for Bat/Cat—and Catwoman will certainly be her own person when it happens again.

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Check out Catwoman #49, available now from DC Comics!

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