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Boruto Teases The Beginning Of The Fifth Shinobi World War

Code’s army of monsters created from the Ten-Tails body is almost ready to attack Konoha, sparking the Fifth Shinobi World War in Boruto.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #77 of Boruto.

Chapter #77 of Boruto teases that the feared Fifth Shinobi World War could be happening soon. Code’s army of monsters created from the Ten-Tails body is almost ready to attack Konohagakure, and the Hidden Leaf Village will surely call upon its many allies for help, which will result in another huge conflict for the world of Naruto.

The Shinobi World Wars are huge conflicts that bloodied the world of Naruto and Boruto in the past. Originally, these were fought among the Hidden Villages of the Five Great Shinobi Countries to gain more resources and powers. Countless lives were sacrificed in these wars, with shinobi being essentially born and raised to die on a battlefield. The Fourth Shinobi World War, however, was different, as it saw an alliance of the five countries to stop Tobi and Madara’s Eye of the Moon Plan. In the aftermath, the Five Great Shinobi Countries were able to finally put aside their differences and became great allies, creating the Shinobi Union as an outlet for cooperation and peaceful resolution of conflicts.


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The coming of another huge war has been teased for a long time in Boruto. After the defeat of Isshiki Otsutsuki, however, it seemed that the threat of Kara had disappeared, but this was not the case. Code, one of Isshiki’s vessels who inherited his powers, managed to subdue the juvenile Ten-Tails created by Kara and used his Claw Marks ability to tear off pieces of the beast, reforming them into smaller humanoid beings, which he calls “Claw Grime”, to serve as his soldiers. Chapter #77 of Boruto shows that Code already has one thousand Claw Grime under his command and is ready to strike at Konoha.

Code’s Army Of Ten-Tails Soldiers Will Start The Fifth Shinobi World War

code prepares to attack konoha with claw grime

The only thing holding Code off is the fact that Eida, who has the broken power to see everything that is happening anywhere, is currently allied with Konoha and has warned the village of his army and upcoming attack. However, with Kawaki, recent betrayal and his upcoming fight with Boruto, Eida will probably be distracted and Konoha will be busy dealing with that, leaving Code the opening he needs. Luckily, the village has powerful allies and the Shinobi Union will certainly move to help, resulting in a big conflict that could become the Fifth Shinobi World War. However, despite this alliance, the level of danger posed by Code’s army should not be underestimated.

There are already many similarities between Code and Tobi. Both have created an army of disposable soldiers: Tobi had his White Zetsus, but Code’s army is stronger and potentially even more dangerous. The Ten-Tails is the strongest of the chakra beasts, possessing almost unlimited energy and vitality. When Madara’s Ten-Tails used his Fission technique to spawn “Fission beings” during Naruto‘s final battle, the shinobi allied forces were almost wiped out as a result. If Code’s Claw Grime possess a similar amount of power, and with Naruto trapped in another dimension by Kawaki, the Fifth Shinobi World War could destroy Konoha completely, as seen in Boruto‘s initial, ominous flash-forward sequence.

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The latest chapter of Boruto is available from Viz Media.

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