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How To Align Star Sensors In Fortnite

To align the Star Sensors at Hidden Henge in Fortnite, players must equip their Pickaxe and find moon phases matching the central Cosmic Monitor.

Align the Star Sensors by damaging them in the correct order” is one of the primary objectives players must clear while progressing through the Oathbound Questline in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1. This objective involves completing a puzzle that adventurers will encounter at the Hidden Henge, a named, unmarked landmark on the Island that can be found near the center of the green woodlands north of Faulty Splits. After arrival, players will find a Cosmic Monitor at the center of a clearing surrounded by Star Sensors with different moon phases in front of them.


To complete the “Align the Star Sensors by damaging them in the correct order” Oathbound Quest in Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1, players must look at the dish-shaped screen near the center of the Hidden Henge to see a particular phase of the moon. These phases include a full moon, half moon, and crescent moon, which also have mirrored versions.

Accordingly, quest participants must examine the Cosmic Monitor and find the identical moon phase on the surrounding Star Sensors. Then, approach the Sensor that matches the central device and strike it with the Harvesting Tool.

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Aligning The Star Sensors in Fortnite

Aligning Star Sensors In Fortnite By Attacking the Same Moon Symbol as the Symbol at the Center of the Location

After the Star Sensor device has been struck, the yellowish glow of its moon picture will change to a milky white. This color changer indicates that players have found the correct Star Sensor. Adventurers must then return to the central Cosmic Monitor to view the next moon phase, after which they must repeat the procedure of striking the correct Sensor with their Pickaxe in Fortnite. Players must repeat this process five total times to complete the “Align the Star Sensors by damaging them in the correct order” Oathbound Quest objective in Fortnite.

Once players understand how this somewhat confusing Oathbound puzzle can be solved, aligning the Star Sensors will become easy. However, Fortnite content creator InTheLittleWood claims that the main challenge of this objective is dealing with the other players who also are attempting to complete the quest or wish to grief those participating. In other words, the Hidden Henge will become a hotspot of havoc while the Oathbound Questline is active. Therefore, players are encouraged to cautiously approach the Cosmic Monitor’s location and scan the area for campers or other hostiles before clearing the puzzle. The new Falcon Scout is an excellent tool for reconnaissance, as it allows players to investigate an area safely without worrying about an unnecessary confrontation in Fortnite.

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Source: YouTube/InTheLittleWood

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