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The OC Expo and Events Center hosted Anime Impulse on September 3 and 4. A significant number of excellent English voice acting talents are brought to the table by Anime Impulse OC. One of these voice actors is Tang Kaiji, who has translated many anime characters to English.

Gojo Satoru, Osamu Dazai, and Mami Shinagawa are some of Kaiji Tang’s most well-known characters in “Jiu-jitsu Battle,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” respectively.

“Well, I’ll say… If acting is truly your passion, wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to develop so many characters, one after the other, on such a strong foundation? But for me personally, as an anime fan, being able to enjoy all of these big shows and be a part of its lore is what matters most. Supper gratifying.

For two Kaiji Tang characters, the major anime seasons for Gojo in Jiu Jitsu season 2 and Dazai in Bungo Stray Dogs season 4 are approaching. We asked him what he expected from these documents.

“Well, Gojo, I know he has a long road to travel. He is discussed extensively, as you are already aware—his time at school, his relationship with Geto, etc. So, the actor’s entire characterisation. Everything will be very, very interesting. One small spoiler for Dazai: I’m confused and anxiously waiting to learn how they intend to locate the dialogue in the prison.

In the anime community, there is an interesting argument about who would prevail in a fight: Naruto’s Kakashi or Gojo? The similarity is that both characters are cantankerous teachers; one has soldered eyes (Gojo), while the other wears a mask (Kakashi). Kaiji intervenes in his response, saying:

You know what? Kakashi Amo. You already know he’s a great man; he continues to be a great teacher and character. I don’t think that the growth of his power in this battle will be advantageous for him. Well, I did it, I did it with my heart apesadumbrated, and I would probably say that Gojo would win this fight.


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