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Ali Alexander’s Jan. 6 Texts Go Behind-the-Scenes of Capitol Attack – Rolling Stone

Ali Alexander — the far-right political agitator infamous for organizing the Jan. 6 protests that morphed into a bloody insurgency — has treated his recent Twitter reinstatement as a coming out party. He’s used his @Ali handle to diss political enemies (including trashing Marjorie Taylor Greene) and boast of his online prowess. “No one wants the Ali Alexander smoke,” he tweeted with typical modesty last week. “Can you imagine being stupid enough to come for crazy intelligent highly favored Ali Alexander?”

In his blitz back into the public sphere Alexander has been touting his connection to another modest man: prospective 2024 presidential candidate Kanye West, now known as Ye. Appearing on a recent podcast, Alexander painted himself as one of Ye’s top political confidants, touting the Hitler-loving rapper as “the best thing to happen to American politics since Donald J. Trump. And I mean that. No cap. Not a friend move.” Alexander insisted that Ye is prayerfully considering whether “God has in fact called him to run for office” but that “the answer looks like he’s leaning yes.” 

Alexander’s sudden re-emergence in American political life follows two years in the wilderness, as the operative reeled from the fallout of Jan. 6, 2021. Alexander was the leader of the “Stop the Steal” movement, which whipped up the furor of Trump followers around the lie that he had been robbed of reelection.

As an organizer, Alexander worked Trump proxies and longtime Tea Party activists to promote the rally at the Ellipse, where Trump bid the rabid masses to march on the Capitol. To publicize the event, Alexander set up the website The storming of the Capitol shouldn’t have been a surprise to Alexander, who had been tweeting incendiary rhetoric in the buildup to the Electoral College certification, including veiled threats about what might happen if objections to the vote count were shut down (“everyone can guess what me and 500,000 others will do to that building”) and revolutionary sentiments like “1776 is always an option.” At a separate D.C. rally at Freedom Plaza on Jan. 5, Alexander led the crowd in a chant of, “Victory or death!

Alexander has not faced criminal charges. And unlike many Jan 6. players, he didn’t plead the Fifth Amendment to congressional investigators, instead speaking to the Jan. 6 committee for hours. The transcript of that deposition was revealing — indicating that Alexander gave Rep. Paul Gosar’s staff an early warning about the violence brewing outside the Capitol. 

In its final document dump, the Jan. 6 Committee also released text messages from Alexander’s phone from Jan. 5 and Jan. 6. These many hundreds of messages offer a unique glimpse into the events leading up to and during the invasion of the Capitol. 

Alexander served as a central node in the information flow for the events of Jan. 6. He was texting with congressional staffers, GOP consultants, white supremacists, religious zealots, and Oath Keepers, including Kelly Meggs, since convicted of seditious conspiracy. The texts underscore Alexander’s advance knowledge that Trump would send masses marching on the Capitol. And while Alexander made futile attempts to calm the crowd in the moment, he also advised his collaborators to lie low after the Capitol breach because “the FBI is coming hunting.” Rolling Stone has combed through the messages Alexander provided to the Jan. 6 committee, presenting a chronological selection below, to illuminate how the events unfolded in real time for one of the day’s most important players. (Alexander did not respond to an interview request.)

Outgoing texts sent by Alexander are in italics.

January 5th

Nick Fuentes (white supremacist leader and fellow Ye confidant)

12:00: a.m. Okay thanks, ill text alex tomorrow and see whats up. I get in tomorrow afternoon. You know of any events that’d be more likely to let me speak?
12:00: Alex owns part of the stage at Freedom Plaza 
12:01: Right. Would Alex let me speak at freedom plaza…?
12:05: Yes
12:05: But his consultant may throw a fit

Thomas Van Flein (chief of staff to Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar)

5:03: Believe POTUS selected Gosar as one of the 3 house members to speak on our stage prior to the joint session
8:31: Ok.

Group thread titled “ALI SEC DETAIL”

6:22: (Alexander) Hi everyone can you say your names so y’all can save each other… Because my necessary entourage is large, I hired two fellas from Colorado Security who will be with me at all times. We have Patrick (my normal DC body man) and Anthony (cop friend) who will be with us… And we have two OathKeepers (appointed by Gator) with me and my crew. Because we have 20+ OathKeepers for the broader party, I wanted two stationed with me. Patrick, Anthony and the two OathKeepers are staying in the same hotel as me…. God bless
6:24: (Gator) Gator – Kelly Meggs 

Liz Willis (reporter, Right Side Broadcasting Network)

7:17: WH is running ellipse. Me and the Kremers and turning point are partners
7:17: Interesting. But awesome. My 3 fav groups. Finally
7:19: Tomorrow: Ellipse then U.S. capitol. Trump is supposed to order us to capitol at the end of his speech but we will see
7:19: Awesome thanks so much. God speed!

Rob Weaver (leader of Jericho March, a religious movement to keep Trump in office)

9:26: Is it true that grassley is going to preside over the senate on the 6th? Not sure of the play?? 
9:27: Pence cucked. Grassley is better 

Jacob Wohl (notorious right-wing troll)

10:23: All Trump people on this flight DEN-DCA
10:28: Looks about half and half hardcore and “boomer grandma”

Jeff Morelock (Oath Keeper)

11:00: Hello. This is Jeff Morelock with Oath Keepers. We will be at the JW Marriott in about 30 mins to check in depending on traffic. Where will you need us to meet you after we check in?
11:01: Lobby sir
12:04 p.m.: We are in room 706. Do we have time to take a quick shower or do you need us somewhere now? We slept in a swamp cabin in North Carolina last night

Thomas Van Flein & Caroline Wren (Trumpworld representative who coordinated Jan. 6 Ellipse protest)

4:17: Thomas will you call Caroline
4:19: With the trump campaign
4:21: (Van Flein) Done 

Caroline Wren 

6:03: Do we already have Marsha, Cruz, Hawley, Gohmert, Brooks, and Gosar booked?

Joe Flynn (Gen. Mike Flynn’s brother)

6:58: What time is General speaking? Any idea
7:06: POTUS speaks at 11 or 12
7:06: Then we all march to the capitol after he speaks
7:08: Ok

Cassandra Fairbanks (journalist with Gateway Pundit)

8:58:  I’m getting nervous for you guys tbh
8:58: They’re fucking scared and it’s showing. Be careful/safe.
8:58: They’re so scared
8:58: We’re on a razors edge
8:58: Thanks

January 6th

Nick Fuentes

1:56 a.m.: Is the VIP entrance the same as the general entrance?

Lance Wallnau & Michele Odom (Wallnau is a Christian Nationalist leader; Odom’s identity is unclear)

3:06: You and your full crew are on lists in various capacities. Enter before 9:30am, will send you VIP instructions 
7:10: (Wallnau) Thank you
7:14: (Odom) Always. God chose the right man when he chose you to do this. He KNEW you would NOT quit!!! 

Thomas Marchi (Alexander has a business associate of the same name; he did not respond to an interview request)

3:35: 1776, 2021 

Eugene Yu (Chief executive of Konnech, an election logistics firm)

3:55: I can’t do hotel booking or anything like that Eugene. I’m organizing with POTUS and 1M people and gave you the contact of my deputy. I can’t read 500 texts or answer them about hotels. 

Mike Coudrey (Stop the Steal national coordinator; top deputy to Alexander)

4:07: Chocolate donut filled – forgot what it’s called. 
Sausage egg and cheese croissant 
Medium latte French vanilla 

Anthony Kern (former Arizona state representative)

4:53: How long is the line
4:54: 2 mile line right now.
4:54: Wow
5:14: Thanks Ali! God with you today!

Caroline Wren

4:55: I’m being told that the line is already 2 miles long 
4:59: It is!!!! 
5:00: Just cut the line until you get to expedited entry 
5:00: All your names are on the list 
5:00: I’m going to arrive at 7 AM. In my golf carts. Can I text you then?

“God’s Army” (group chat that includes Jericho March leader Arina Grossu)

5:23: I have two passes for y’all

Thomas Van Flein

5:36: Non speaking members of Congress need to be there by 8:30. We don’t have a shuttle. I will make sure they have security escorts walking back to the capitol when it’s time for session
5:37: We want 30 Members minimum
5:38: Ok.
5:48: Can we send an email to the entire house freedom caucus if they all need to be at the ellipse. POTUS wants force!

Jeremy Oliver (owner, Onslaught Media Group; with Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano on Jan. 6)
6:07: What time do you recommend I have Senator Mastriano at ellipse? 
6:25: Now is good 
6:25: Or by 8 

Jacob Wohl

7:24: Best place to link up with you for 1 PM?
7:44: Capitol south side in between senate side and scotus

Roger Stone (Alexander’s mentor and longtime GOP dirty trickster)

10:02: As I expected no speaking spot, no VIP entrance for any of my people – 
10:09: I can get in the VIP for your people but yeah we got fucked 
10:26:  I understand the funder of today’s event is not happy – I never thought it was real. 
10:42: Time to sue 

NOTE: Alexander testified to the Jan 6. Committee that he was directed to leave the Ellipse early with Alex Jones — while Trump was still speaking — to begin leading the overflow crowd towards the Capitol

Mike Coudrey

12:12 p.m.: Can y’all get out earlier
12:21: We did
12:22: Have half of the speakers with me
12:22: We lost most of the oathkeepers by the way
12:22: We have 3 down from 24
12:22: SMH
12:22: We will have Alex’s security secure the stage until we get there you know

Caroline Wren

12:19: Is POTUS walking? Can you give me an update every five minutes
12:29: He is not 
12:29: How’s it looking

Mark Finchem (Arizona state representative and Oath Keeper )

12:19: you still have me speaking at the Capitol?
12:20: yes
12:41: I got swept up in the crowd I’m at 15th and Constitution I presume you want me to get as close to the front as I can and I’ll spot you, you do know the cowboy hat already.
12:42: I’m on one of the golf carts headed your way 

Matt Libman (identity not clear)

12:35: Is “it” happening?

Roger Stone

12:46: Get your ass to the US Capitol 
12:47: We have a stage & the presidents order 

Caroline Wren

12:56: We are D escalating the front side of the capital
12:56: We are going to the southside, Senate side 
12:58: There is no control in the front side. The police have retreated 
12:59: I think you should leave. This will come down on you hard. Nothing good comes from thus. 

Joel Northrup (reportedly a tech contact affiliated with Stop the Steal)

12:57: Do we have access to the text messaging system 
12:57: Tell everyone to leave the front side of the capital. I want them on the southside 
12:59: On it 
1:03: Tell them not to antagonize the police

Mike Coudrey

12:56: We are about to send over 50,000 people over there 
12:56: We are on the front side of the capital trying to D escalate
1:00: They broke the barriers the’re going inside
1:02: Alex and I are talking to the police
1:10: It’s over
1:10: The broke through and stormed the Capitol

Thomas Van Flein

1:10: I think you and your staff should maybe leave
1:10: This is hell out here
1:31: Call me 

Thomas Marchi 

1:15: Storm it! 
1:20: Storm it! 

Tina (identity unknown)

1:44: Do you guys have a statement about MAGA people storming the Capitol

Groupchat titled “STS Patriots”

(Mike Coudrey) 1:33: They stormed the capital, our event is on delay 
Where are you guys 
(Ashley StClair) 1:39: Theres no way it goes on 
(Mike Coudrey) 1:46: We are walking away from the capital 
Red flare just went up 
I advise you to leave now 
(Scott Presler) 1:56: Back to hotel? 
(Mike Coudrey) 1:56: Yes 
we are going back 
(Brandon Straka) 2:03: Fuck no!! I’m at the Capitol and just joined the breach!!! I just got gassed! Never felt so fucking alive in my life!!! 
(Brandon Straka) 2:03: We’re hearing that Somebody was shot and killed 
(Mike Coudrey) 2:03: Hahaha
(CJ Pearson) 2:03: No Way 
(Brandon Straka) 2:04: Yes
(Mike Coudrey) 2:08: A moment of history folks
(Ali Alexander) 2:34:  Everyone get out of there. And do not text message each other start a signal group. The FBI is coming hunting 
(Ali Alexander) 2:34: Please also have check-in times with each other. And let me know if anyone gets arrested Civil War is 

Kimberly Fletcher (founder Moms for America)

1:49: Are we set up at the Capitol?
2:00: Ali this is a madhouse
2:00: Makes us all and President look very bad
2:28: I told them to tear down after I learned of the chaos
2:36: The Capitol is a mess. Any chance we had of winning is gone. I am literally heartbroken.
2:38: POTUS is not ignorant of what his words would do
2:39: He wanted this to happen???
2:40: I dunno but the anger of the people was never gonna go away without a legitimate result – wish it didn’t happen but understand the people and I won’t denounce them 

Thomas Marchi

3:46: Holly hell they actually did storm into the capital building. 
3:46: Crazy 
3:46: Stay safe Ali 
3:46: Sad what has happened 
3:46: pence fucked us 

Lucian Wintrich (former White House correspondent, Gateway Pundit)

2:41: I spent a small fortune getting out here … would be nice to know what to do … 
3:41: Be inside by 6 
3:44: That’s fucked up dude … 
3:45: So I basically spent 700 to walk around the capitol in the cold looking for y’all and now you’re telling me to sit in my hotel? 
3:47: What the hell? There are hundreds of thousands of people here in DC. I had to manage like 500 people. I can’t control crowds or police or riots
Thrrrs a curfew at 6. I don’t think it’ll be safe. 
3:53: Where are you and the security team? 
3:53: I’m with Alex Jones 
101 constitution Avenue 
Top of OANN 

Joel Northrup 

6:58: I denounce the government’s attempt to shut down protests and the petitioning congress. Disavowed! I’II probably have more to say tomorrow. Be safe. Goodnight, patriots. ~Ali Alexander 
6:59: Send to Jan6 folks only? 
7:01: Everyone 

Jacob Wohl

7:09: DC is a Hell hole
8:01: Sure is
8:02: Why all the MOLE plate carriers? It was so weird to see. We wore low profile Kevlar, not these bizarre camo monstrosities. Saw them everywhere 


Jordan Harrison (Alexander described him to the Jan. 6 Committee as “a web vendor that I frequently use for computer-related stuff”)

9:01: Make WildProtest a blank page.
9:53: Doing right now. Just saw
9:59: Done
10:02: Thanks. We are in hell

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