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Elden Ring DLC Should Borrow Bloodborne’s Best Idea

Despite having many interesting and powerful weapons, Elden Ring could stand to learn from and iterate on one of Bloodborne’s best ideas.

While Elden Ring is home to plenty of interesting and powerful weapons, a potential DLC could do well to take cues from one of FromSoftware’s past games, Bloodborne. Despite boasting an expansive open world and an arsenal of weapons to match it, Elden Ring‘s player movesets still have plenty of room for further depth, more creative mechanics, and unique gimmicks outside the Ashes of War system.

Although Elden Ring‘s weapons make several improvements on past FromSoftware games, such as expanding Dark Souls 3‘s Weapon Arts into the Ash of War system and integrating jumping attacks, the game’s movesets could still do with some extra depth. With Elden Ring having many Dark Souls-inspired weapons, the game’s movesets are mostly homogenized across their respective categories, with most “unique” weapons only going so far as to have a few differentiated moves or an exclusive Ash of War. In order to give rise to some truly unique weapons and designs, a potential Elden Ring DLC might do well to take inspiration from yet another FromSoftware classic – Bloodborne.


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Elden Ring’s Weapons Could Use Bloodborne’s Tricks

Four players engaging in PvP combat in Elden Ring's colosseum DLC

Any future Elden Ring DLC would do well to borrow one of Bloodborne‘s defining features – the game’s transforming trick weapons. Although Dark Souls 3‘s Weapon Arts and Elden Ring‘s Ashes of War are similar, neither offers quite as much flexibility and depth as Bloodborne‘s on-demand weapon transformations. And, while buffing Elden Ring‘s underpowered weapons is appreciated, the game could also use a few additions that truly break the mold of their respective weapon types. With FromSoftware’s DLC expansions typically being where their games’ most unique weapons are found, like the Whirlygig Saw or Rakuyo from Bloodborne, Elden Ring DLC marks a golden opportunity to iterate on a past idea.

Trick Weapons Would Be A Great Addition To Elden Ring’s Arsenal

A hunter using a bow in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Although Elden Ring could benefit from weapons similar to Bloodborne‘s, there are a few obstacles that could get in the way. A transforming weapon would likely need to be themed differently to fit in with Elden Ring‘s more fantasy-focused world, and a transformation function could take the place of either a weapon’s Ash of War or its ability to block. Additionally, Bloodborne lacked options for two-handed weapons, with its trick weapons’ one or two-hand status mostly being dictated by their transformations. However, with Elden Ring already having plenty of weird weapons, the particular quirks of a transforming weapon wouldn’t be too far from the game’s established arsenal.

Elden Ring is already home to many of FromSoftware’s most unique weapon designs, but their actual movesets could still go further than what the base game has to offer. While no further DLC for the game has been announced, hopes are high that it will receive more content in the future. If it does, then Bloodborne‘s trick weapons would be a great addition to The Lands Between. While implementing them to fit with the game’s systems would be a unique challenge, Elden Ring‘s weapons would benefit greatly from deeper, more expanded movesets.

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