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Gladys Ricart, a single mother of two who resides in New Jersey, is 39 years old. She came to the United States at a young age from the Dominican Republic, leading a moral life while working as a filer for a travel agency.

Gladys’ family members claim that on or around September 26, 1999, she encountered Agustin Garcia when she was most vulnerable. Garcia was a successful businessman from New York who had become a citizen. He is Dominican as well.

Both of them experienced a passionate love affair that took many unexpected turns. Gladys is a powerful woman with stunning beauty. Agustin is also quite insecure because of his unattractive figure.

Gladys makes the decision to leave Agustin and start over because of his unrequited love, pathological jealousy, and verbal and physical abuse of her. He would, however, never abandon her.

Certainly not when she first met James Preston Jr., the man she would later fall in love with and marry. Well, Agustin will begin tormenting her everywhere. even when she cohabitates with her fiance, whether at home, work, or both.

Gladys didn’t share her anxieties in front of her family and friends more than a few times. In fact, a few days prior to the wedding, they were captured on surveillance cameras together in a store. You can see a spooky Gladys being compelled to remain there in those pictures. Days before the wedding, Agustin and a horrified Gladys were seen on security footage. She has, nonetheless, taken the choice to embark on a new life.

She arrived on September 26, 1999. Agustin was present when Gladys and James exchanged vows. While exploring the bride and groom’s wedding home, several guests observed him but chose not to alert him in order to preserve the bride’s party.

Agustin entered the home while Gladys and her friends and family were being photographed. Many people assumed he had accepted his fate because he was appropriately attired for the event, but since he was an allegedly well-educated businessman, he would proceed to congratulate the bride.

What followed stunned the nation.

Agustin pulled out a Smith & Wesson pistol in front of the camera and shot Gladys, who was clad in a white wedding gown. The victim’s brother, Juan Ricarte, leaped on top of the attacker, grabbed the weapon, and overpowered him as the bridesmaids screamed in unison. The fatal second. The murder weapon may be seen on the lower left, while Gladys is attempting to hide herself in the center.

It was too late, though. Gladys was killed by three gunshot wounds. A short while later, cops showed there and took him into custody. Gladys’ passing stunned the nation and revealed the aggressive masculinity of many envious males who wouldn’t accept a woman leaving them for any reason.

Augustine was found guilty of first-degree murder and given a life sentence in prison in Bergen County Superior Court in late 2002. Today, hundreds of people marched through Washington Heights in honor of Gladys Ricart, a 39-year-old Dominican woman who was fatally shot on her wedding day in 1999 by her ex-boyfriend.


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