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Quake’s MCU Return Heavily Teased By Agents Of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet

Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet heavily teased Quake’s MCU return in an upcoming project, but she did not reveal in which movie or show.

Quake’s Marvel Cinematic Universe return has been heavily teased by Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet. It has been over two years since Daisy Johnson last appeared in the Agents of SHIELD series finale. While the final episode wrapped up the long-running Marvel show’s story, there have been plenty of calls since then for the main characters to return. None have been as heavily requested to come back as Chloe Bennet’s Quake, who became a standout character over the course of the series to the point where she effectively became Agents of SHIELD‘s lead. However, the actress has repeatedly denied any knowledge of her return.


Thanks to a new tweet from Chloe Bennet, she has heavily implied that Agents of SHIELD‘s Quake is returning to the MCU after replying to a tweet disparaging her acting and doubting that Marvel would bring her back.

Bennet’s tweet does stop short of outright confirming that she is set to play Quake again in the MCU, but the tease is a notable shift from previous comments she’s made. Since Marvel Studios has not confirmed any upcoming projects include Quake, it is unclear when and where Chloe Bennet could reprise her Agents of SHIELD character and have a chance to prove her doubters wrong.

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Where Chloe Bennet’s Quake Can Return In MCU Phase 5

Chloe Bennet in Agents of SHIELD

Chloe Bennet’s Quake return to the MCU opens up some exciting possibilities for where she could appear next. The best fit for Daisy Johnson is undoubtedly Secret Invasion. The Disney+ series starring Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) has long been the subject of theories that Quake could be revealed to be part of Fury’s new team. For what it is worth, Bennet heavily denied her involvement in Secret Invasion in 2021, saying she is “not at all, even a little bit” involved in the show. However, the show was not filming at the time that this statement came, so it is possible that Marvel did not contact her to return until later.

There are also some other MCU projects that could make sense for Quake to appear in. Agents of SHIELD season 7 included a connection to the Quantum Realm and the multiverse. This could pave the way for Chloe Bennet’s MCU return to happen in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. She could also potentially make a surprise appearance in The Marvels. The Captain Marvel sequel holds connections to Secret Invasion, but it also could use Quake to help introduce the Inhumans to the MCU.

Wherever Quake’s MCU return happens in Phase 5 or 6, it will potentially answer the long-standing debate about if Agents of SHIELD is MCU canon. Based on how Marvel Studios has used actors from Marvel TV projects so far, Chloe Bennet could play a variant of Quake who is still very similar to her Agents of SHIELD counterpart. In any case, it will be great to see Chloe Bennet return and see what Quake is like in a big-budget MCU project with other major characters.

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Source: Chloe Bennet/Twitter

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