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The 15 best recycled and upcycled clothes (2023): Leggings, sneakers, t-shirts

You can have notice we’re having a little bit climate crisisbut we are having a garbage crisis also. Garbage is polluting our oceans, lining the streets in both cities and the countryside, and harming animals trying to make it through their day. We can reduce our own use of plastic, especially single-use plastic. But fortunately, some companies have found a way to turn some of that junk—mainly plastic bottles and old clothes—into new clothes and accessories.

Here, we list the favorites we’ve tried so far. Be sure to check out our other guides like The best recycled bags, The best everyday products made of recycled materialsor The best reusable products.

How plastic became the theme

Most companies use post-consumer plastic, which means it’s made from used and recycled plastic. Pre-consumer means that it comes from waste during production before anyone buys it.

Plastic bottles are collected, dried, chopped and turned into small pellets. Then the plastic goes through an extruderspin and Drag it like taffy to turn it into yarn. This still uses quite a bit of energy and resources, but generates less waste. Everyone needs clothes, so they can be more sustainable, too.

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