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Since I was 14, I’ve worn mascara. I’m 24 now. I’ve only tried this one brand of mascara, but I’m sure there are more. One thing about TikTok is that people use code words to chat about certain dating-related issues. To figure out what these phrases actually mean, you’ll need to go through the comments area.

You’ve certainly seen a lot of trending TikTok videos in recent weeks where girls are gushing about how much they adore their mascara in elaborate captions. How long has the mascara been? She betrayed the mascara, after all.

The subtitles and comment context make it quite clear that the videos have nothing to do with real mascara. These are actually relationship-related videos, with “mascara” being a code word for a person’s partner. What it all means is that.

In a way, “mascara” is your mate. If you marry them, it doesn’t matter if you date them or not. It’s the person you love the most, in a romantic sense.

Male partners are typically mentioned in videos and reviews, and some have even said that their mascara “puts their wands in other tubes” (wand is code for “penis,” in case you need an explanation too). Her mascara was described as having “no wand” in other remarks, implying that her spouse is devoid of a penis.

Stories about their long-term romance can be found in some of the video descriptions, like this user’s childhood love story: “I’ve been using mascara since I was 14.” I’m 24 now. I’ve only used mascara, but I’m aware that it’s readily accessible elsewhere. I liked it so much that I built a tiny version as well.

On the other hand, many often discuss instances in which their partner injured them using this tendency. “A mascara I used to adore ended up severely damaging my mascara, so now I’m terrified to try a new one because I can’t bear my mascara Comeback,” one user stated in her video. was tainted.

Just to be clear, you shouldn’t use the same mascara—that is, the real mascara—after the suggested shelf life stated on the container. Baby, get a new one!


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