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What’s MASCARA WAND TRENDING on TikTok? Explanation of meaning and origin

What’s MASCARA WAND TRENDING on TikTok? Explanation of meaning and origin!

Lately we have been getting this tik tok mascara trend so you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, let us know about this whole trend which is quite trending and viral on the social media platform. A few people wanted to know what the participation in mascara on TikTok meant. All of a sudden this word has become trending so let us clear all your doubts about this particular viral video.


What is mascara trending on TikTok?

Since a number of videos are uploaded to the social media platform and tagged with the mascara trend hashtag, this is one of the great recommendations for the best mascara or we can say hack to stop mascara – only when it comes off when we feel very confused , because we know that there are several tiktokers who have made a lot of beauty videos like Clean girl, Vanilla girl, Aesthetic girl.

Explaining the origin and meaning of the mascara trend

So as we all know mascara which is also a product known to make your lashes longer and fuller now comes with a new meaning in 2023 so we will keep you informed as you will have no idea that mascara wants can sometimes have a meaning and here exactly was the TikTok mascara trend in details, so the mascara is known as a metaphor for the guy and part of the stick, where people shared their relationships and sexual experiences in this particular code and they will write it like my favorite mascara could not keep the desire in the tube.

What does mascara mean on TikTok?

So mascara is used as a code word to describe their favorite types of vibrators like in the best apps that control vibrators and it’s beyond ugly that we use mascara and no one ever thought of it. wife, most of these videos that go viral refer to men. This particular code can be accepted by anyone with any user using this particular trend to come up with sharing their sexuality and describing their preferences.

We know it’s a beauty-related word that beauty influencers think about, but it’s not uncommon for some users to discover their favorite mascaras and it’s like a code word that one user wrote that he was quite confused and wrote, that I have a hard time and am unable to understand the true meaning of the mascara trend, but I got mine on Amazon.

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