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Where to Find (& Catch) Slither Wing in Pokémon Scarlet

The Paradox Pokémon Slither Wing can be found exclusively through Pokémon Scarlet as a rare variant of Volcarona in the later sections of the game.

The incredibly rare Bug-and Fighting-type Slither Wing exists solely in Pokémon Scarlet as one of eight types of Paradox Pokémon that occupy the postgame location found after players beat the main story. A cousin of the Fire-and Bug-type Volcarona from Generation V, Slither Wing exists sparsely in one specific part of the Paldea Region as nearly a pseudo-Legendary creature that can be difficult for players to obtain. However, Slither Wing has incredible potential in battles through an impressive Attack stat that makes it a great addition to a player’s team instead of simply another checkmark when trying to complete the Pokédex.


The Great Paldean Crater, located within Area Zero, unlocks after players beat the three storyline quests related to the Titan Pokémon, Victory Road, and the defeat of Team Star. A majority of Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet appear within this section, including Slither Wing. However, the spot in which Slither Wing spawns actually resides close to Research Station 1 and 3, in an area to the northwest of the location’s beginning marked by a purple hue. The higher ground above the mentioned stations also hosts Slither Wing, allowing players to roam between both spots to reset the spawns of Slither Wing until it appears for them to battle.

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Best Method To Catch Slither Wing in Pokémon Scarlet

Pokemon Scarlet Sliver Wing Cousin of Volcarona Paradox Pokemon Pokedex Entry During Postgame Area of Game

The aforementioned typings of Slither Wing give an x4 weakness to the Flying-type, which players should consider using in battle against the Paradox Pokémon to catch it. Fire-, Psychic-, and Fairy-type moves all do super-effective damage against Slither Wing as well, but players who do not wish to defeat the pocket monster may want to have moves equipped to Pokémon that induce status effects, such as Thunder Wave for Paralysis or Hypnosis for Sleep to increase capture chances. Stocking up an inventory with plenty of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet‘s Ultra Balls before exploring the Great Paldean Crater gives players plenty of tries to contain Slither Wing when engaging it.

Slither Wing’s Ability, Protosynthesis, significantly boosts its highest stat when Harsh Sunlight is active or if it holds a Booster Energy item. When a player encounters Slither Wing, it may use the move Sunny Day to induce this Ability, making it a challenging opponent capable of knocking out the player’s Pokémon swiftly through an enhanced Attack score. Additionally, players that utilize Tera types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can turn the tables with higher defenses on certain Pokémon, making it far easier to catch Slither Wing after it has been found and trade this Scarlet exclusive in exchange for an exclusive from Violet.

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