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Who is Haris Namani Street Fight Video, what happened? The Complete Controversy Explained

VIDEO: Who is Haris Namani Street Fight Video, what happened? The Complete Controversy Explained!

Haris Namani is one of the contestants of the TV show who is massively talked about on the internet after his video went viral on the internet. Sources said that the star was reportedly in the news after a video of him fighting in the streets went viral. This video of him surfaced when an anonymous user posted it online and soon went viral.

Haris Namani street brawl video

This video is also getting him negative attention as his viewers or fans suspect that he might be retained in the show he is currently cast in. Stay tuned as we discuss the details of the Haris case and its latest controversy. According to reports, the video surfaced on the internet and the video showed Haris fighting on the road. On the other hand, it was also seen that people were shocked and speculated that the star might get negative space because of the video.

Haris Namani's street fight video explained

What happened in the Haris Namani Street Fight video?

Many even speculated that he is even disqualified from the show he is currently acting in, Love Island 9. Too many people were surprised that this video of Haris came overnight and gained potential, on the other hand just before the video was shot. he said he was in the danger zone on the show. So people are speculating that the player might be dropped from the show. Talking about the video, this video as mentioned was earlier shared on Twitter where the video gained momentum and then it was also shared on various social media platforms.

Who is Haris Namani?

Haris is seen in the video fighting with the man and was seen brutally knocking the guy down. This was clearly a brutal fight with Haris knocking the other side down. After the video was trending on the internet, netizens said that the player will now leave the show in the upcoming episodes of the show. There is a queue of reactions on the internet while many tweets have been seen online on the internet.

Haris was in the danger zone this week this Tuesday 24th January 2023 this was the latest episode aired and the next episode will be on Wednesday 25th January 2023. While in the next episode one contestant will leave the show. While in the danger zone, there were six contestants, three girls and three boys. The next episode will be the 9th episode of the show and in this one.

Haris Namani’s street fight video explained

The danger zones will be removed until Episode 8 ends with the contestants entering the dump zone. Competitors in the elimination zone include Tanya Mahenhga, Anna-May Robey, Kai Fagan, Tom Clare, Tanyel Raven and Harris. Speaking of Haris, it can be seen that earlier Haris was involved in a fight with Shaq on love island, which made the player a target for many viewers.

He was involved in a pretty heated argument with Harris and also called him names. Speaking of his pairing, then haris was paired with Olivia on the show and it was close, however Olivia still wanted to be with Tom on the show despite having a great pairing.

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