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11 Best Coffee Grinders (2023): Conical-Burr, Flat-Burr, Manual, Blade

Our list includes mainly cone grinder. In a cone grinder, coffee beans are ground and ground between two burrs. They deliver a much finer, more consistent grind than you get with traditional blade grinders, even the prettiest ones.

Flat bevel grinder similar, but they are usually more expensive. In it, the ridges are superimposed and the beans pass through them as they grind. The action of the grinder pushes the grounds out of one end, instead of relying on gravity like grinders have conical burrs and the beans spend more time in contact with the burrs. This results in a more consistent grind, but for home brewers, blenders with conical edges are just as good—even if they require more maintenance and don’t create a gritty background. stable at the smallest scale down to the micron.

blade grinder has a blade that rotates around like a food processor. But the blade does not produce even results. Some of your coffee will have a fine powder on the bottom and at the top you will have beans that are too large not even for a French press. The result is an inconsistent, unpredictable beer. These grinders are cheap, and yes, using fresh beans in a blade grinder is much better than buying ground coffee. (You can learn how to shake the beans to grind them a bit. Watch the video of world barista champion James Hoffmann for more. hack blade grinder.)

If you can afford it, we highly recommend using one of the blade grinders we’ve listed. There’s a reason why they cost a little more than a budget blade grinder. The machinery in a high-quality bavia grinder is a bit more complex and built to withstand greater wear and tear. In low-cost burrs, the burrs will often become blunt with regular use, and the thinner motors can burn out with regular use for several months.

PSA: Do not put pre-ground coffee in the burr. Logically, it makes sense. It’s too rough, so you put it over again, right? ARE NOT! With grinders with blades, the pre-ground coffee will get stuck inside the blades and you will have to do some disassembly to get them back to normal.

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