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Contoh Report Text Tentang Hiu (Shark) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Report Text Tentang Hiu (Shark) dalam Bahasa Inggris – Report text merupakan salah satu poin penting di dalam pembelajaran bahasa Inggris. Oleh karena itu, berikut ini saya berikan sebuah contoh report text yang berkaitan dengan hewan (hiu).


Shark is a fish with complete cartilage and slim body. They breathe by 5 gills (sometimes they use six or seven depending on its own species) on the side, or start slightly behind his head. Sharks’ bodies are covered by dermal denticles skin to protect it from damage, the bark of parasites, and to increase the water dynamic. They have some replaceable teeth.

There are some species of shark which is as big as the size of the palms. Pygmy shark, euprotomicrus bispinatus, is the species which has length in just 22 cm. Whale sharks, rhincodon typhoid, is the biggest fish that can grow until 12 feet and that species only eats plankton through a filter in his mouth. A bull shark, carcharhinus leucas, is the most famous of other species which can swim in the sea water and freshwater. It is found on lake in Nicaragua, in central America and in delta.

The skeleton of sharks are really different, compared to the boned fish, such as the codfish, because it is made of young bone (cartilage), a very light and flexible, although the young bones in the older sharks can sometimes partly calcify, so that it makes the cartilage stronger and seems like bone. The jaws of shark are varied and alleged to have evolved from the first cavity of gill. The jaw is not attached to cranium and has additional mineral deposits that give it greater force.

Sharks, in general, reach sexual maturity slowly and yield a pittance compared with the other fish which is harvested. It has already triggered concern among the biologist because of the increasing attempts to catch sharks so far and many species are considered endangered now. Some organizations, like Shark Trust, has done a campaign to restrict the attempts to catch sharks.

Sharks are very prominent in the mythology of Hawaii. There are stories about human who has shark jaws behind their body. They can change their shape into the sharks in times of what they want. A common theme in these stories is that the man-shark will warn the people at the beach that it is their region. People at the beach will laugh and ignore the warning. They will continue swimming, and then they will be eaten by the same man-shark, that gives warning to them not to go down into the water. In other Pacific Ocean cultures, Dakuwanga is the goddess of shark who is also the eater of the lost souls. In the ancient Greek, people are forbidden to eat shark on the women festivals. In the mythology of Hawaii, they also believe that shark is the guard of the ocean, that is called as Aumakuma.

There is a popular myth that sharks immune to disease and cancer, but this is not true. There is a disease and parasite that infect the sharks. The evidence which shark is at least resistant to disease and cancer can be said as an anecdote. There is very little scientific study or statistics that prove that the sharks may increase immunity to disease. But now, there is some drug companies producing shark liver oil (squalene) to improve the health of the heart.

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