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DC Universe’s First Batman & Superman Crossover Can Be The Anti-BvS

The DC Universe is rebooting Batman and Superman, and their first crossover should be completely different from how it happened in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of the biggest moves that James Gunn has made as DC Studios’ co-CEO is announcing plans to reboot Batman and Superman once again for the big screen. New actors will be brought in to lead new solo movies, Superman: Legacy and The Brave and the Bold, as the franchise looks to separate itself from what happened before with the DC Extended Universe. There are no confirmed plans for when Batman and Superman will crossover, but that should happen before too long.


Since the DC Universe is being built after what went wrong with the DCEU, it puts Gunn and Peter Safran in a position where they can purposefully do things differently, especially in cases where audiences did not respond positively to what came before. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of many divisive DCEU movies, as Zack Snyder’s film pitted Ben Affleck’s Batman against Henry Cavill’s Superman. Not only is there an expectation that the DC Universe will bring more hopeful portrayals of both characters to the screen, but it could make the next Batman and Superman crossover very different.

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The DCU’s Batman & Superman Should Lead A World’s Finest Movie

Superman and Batman in DC's World's Finest

Batman and Superman’s first DC Universe meeting should come in a World’s Finest movie. The title refers to the longtime comic series that traditionally features Batman and Superman teaming up, either by themselves or with other DC superheroes. A World’s Finest movie would be an inherently different Batman and Superman crossover to Batman v Superman, as it would mean bringing the characters together in a team-up instead of as enemies. Zack Snyder’s DCEU film put the two characters at odds for most of the film, only for them to unite against a common enemy. World’s Finest could have them together the entire time.

A World’s Finest movie for Batman and Superman’s first DC Universe crossover is quite clearly a different approach to bringing the characters together than Batman v Superman took. It would mean that Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s first meeting could be used to establish the relationship that should be at the heart of James Gunn’s plans. This immediately gives them a better way to explore their friendship but also delays any potential fight between them. World’s Finest could be the first of several Batman and Superman DCU crossovers that eventually leads to them fighting only after they have an established history.

World’s Finest Can Set Up The DCU’s Justice League Better Than BvS

justice league in dceu aquaman batman wonder woman cyborg superman the flash

If James Gunn makes a DC Universe World’s Finest movie as the franchise’s first Batman and Superman crossover, it can also help set up the franchise’s new Justice League team. Batman v Superman stumbled in this regard, as it only let DC’s Trinity work together briefly and used computer files from Lex Luthor to tease other future team members. Since the entire premise of a World’s Finest movie revolves around Batman and Superman being allies the whole time, the DC Universe could use this to establish how they work together. It can also prove to both heroes that they should assemble a bigger team.

Using the comic concept as a baseline for the movie, World’s Finest could go a step further than only having Batman and Superman team up. It could feature another central DC hero like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Shazam, or Black Canary. This would essentially make the Batman and Superman team-up movie a mini Justice League film, but the DC Universe can hold off on fully introducing the team.

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