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Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen Have Weird ‘Wednesday’ Reunion – Rolling Stone

“I‘m starting to think you‘re a real bitch!” exclaimed Armisen during a read-through of The Parent Trap

Saturday Night Live host Jenna Ortega and Wednesday co-star Fred Armisen teamed up again for a not-so-PG version of the 1998 film The Parent Trap, with Armisen playing crude crew member Raymond who fills in as Ortega’s twin during a script read.

During a scene where the two disagree about whether it’s bedtime and flick the lights on and off, Armisen finally exclaimed, “I’m starting to think you’re a real bitch!”

Bowen Yang, as director, immediately called for a cut. Armisen apologized for doing “an off-the-cuff thing” like on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and would go on to declare his lust for model and soap opera actress Lisa Rinna and ask Ortega if she liked Schlitz beer.


Like in the film, which starred Lindsay Lohan as each twin, the pair used torn-in-half photographs of their parents to realize that they are twins. In this case, though, their parents are Ed Helms and Leslie Mann.

“So they just split us up? Why would they do that to us? We’ve got to kill them,” Armisen reacted. “If we work together, we can kill them. I’m kidding. I love you.”

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