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Why Samantha & Smith Broke Up, Explained

It wasn’t too much of a surprise when Samantha Jones and Smith Jerrod broke up in the Sex & The City movie. Throughout the series, Samantha was known as the wild child in the group. She was sex-positive, confident and independent, and went after what and who she wanted. She was also quite happy and comfortable with her choices in life, stating several times over and over that she wanted to be child-free and never get married. However, come season 6, there was a lot of confusion as Samantha’s character changed a lot – particularly when she met Smith Jerrod and fell deeply in love with him (eventually becoming exclusive).

At the end of Sex and the City, Samantha and Smith were closer than ever after her scare with breast cancer, and because of his constant support, Samantha stayed by his side as his girlfriend and publicist. Four years after the original series ended, Sex and the City the movie showed Samantha and Smith in a new phase of their relationship. Together for five years, the couple lived in Los Angeles. However, something was missing from their relationship that Samantha couldn’t waste time looking into, which led to tension between the two.

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Samantha Broke Up With Smith Because She Loved Herself More

Samantha breaks up with Smith on SATC

In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha was splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York. After Sex and the City was canceled, Samantha made the move to the West Coast for Smith’s career as his publicist. However, she missed the woman she was whenever she was in New York. She missed the girls, but she also missed being with other people. In a heart-to-heart with her friends, Samantha admitted whenever she wanted to cheat on Smith (something that felt natural to her), she would eat. But the more weight she gained, she realized how unhappy she was.

Samantha eventually knew she had to break up with Smith to feel like herself again. While fans were familiar with how Carrie ended things with boyfriends, this was new territory for Samantha. “This isn’t working. I’ve done my best. I’ve given it five years and 15 pounds,” she said reluctantly. When Smith asked if Samantha loved him, she said a quote that described her best, “I love you, but I love me more.” And just like that, it was the end of Samantha and Smith.

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With Smith being Samantha’s best partner, their breakup was disliked by the Sex and the City community. Unlike her long list of partners, he wanted what was best for Samantha and always supported her. Samantha and Smith’s relationship timeline was one of the longest in the series, proving how much they meant to each other. At the same time, their breakup felt natural because Samantha was always her best self when single.

Breaking Up With Smith Opened New Doors

Samantha arguing in the Middle East on SATC

In Sex and the City 2, Samantha was herself again. Without Smith, Samantha was able to focus on her own business again (with her office being shown in Times Square), be present for her friends during the highs and lows of their own relationships, and travel without being held down. The Samantha shown in the sequel represented the Samantha that was shown in the original series; someone who was missing in the first movie that was deeply missed.

Since Samantha isn’t in the revival, And Just Like That…, it’s uncertain what would have become of Samantha’s character and her relationships. But with Smith being her big love, it would be hard to believe Samantha would be in a long-term relationship with anyone other than herself.

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