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Valheim How To Get Tar

*March 13th, 2023: Updated for the Xbox Launch to include more relevant information as well as links to related guides.

The Hearth & Home update for Valheim added several new building options and crafting recipes to the Viking survival game. One of the new item types is called Darkwood, a new wood variant that takes on a different style and color when used in constructing buildings. Tar is a vital component for crafting all Darkwood building pieces, which is another new item that can only be found in the deadly Plains biome.

The Plains biome is very similar to the Meadow biome in that is defined by wide open spaces dominated by rocks and grass. But what makes the plains biome stand out is its dry color palate and being home to dangerous enemy creatures like Deathsquitos and the tribal Fulings carrying Black Scrap Metal. Players venturing into this biome for Tar will need to make sure they are prepared to face these and other hazards.

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How To Get More Tar In Valheim

Valheim The Plains Finding Barley and Flax

There are two main ways to get Tar in Valheim. The easiest is to search in and around the Tar pits. However, if players are struggling to find one, they can also defeat Growths. Like the Blobs of the Swamp biome, Growths are slime-like creatures that bounce around and try to inflict poison damage. Melee battle is ill-advised against these creatures unless the player is confident and can inflict a lot of blunt damage. However, most players will be better off trying to defeat them from afar with a bow and several enchanted arrows. Growths can drop some Tar when killed, but they are not exactly the best source of the material if the player wants to collect a lot of it.

If the player is seeing Growths on the Plains in Valheim, a Tar pit is likely nearby. These pits are the best source of Tar by far, with a single pond easily providing 100 Tar or more if all Tar sacks are collected. However, the majority of this Tar is located under the dark liquid of the Tar Pit itself, which makes it a bit difficult to harvest.

To get to the Tar buried deep within the pits, players will effectively have to drain the liquid Tar into another location. Players can use a pickaxe to dig into the ground and create a secondary pit or trough nearby. They should then continue to dig and connect the two pits, allowing the black liquid to drain into the second trough.

When the original Tar pit is mostly drained, players should be able to see packs of solid Tar on the ground. When interacted with, these Tar sacks should erupt into several blobs of Tar that the player can pick up. Provided the player has enough inventory space, this Tar can then all be collected and hauled back to the player’s Valheim base, where it can be used in the creation of Darkwood building pieces.

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