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Why My 600-Lb Life’s Robin & Garrett’s Story Was So Inspiring

My 600-lb Life stars, Robin McKinley and Garrett Rogers were an aunt and nephew who navigated their weight loss journey together, and their story was very inspiring. At the beginning of their My 600-lb Life episode, which aired in 2019, Robin was 40 years old and weighed 648 pounds. Garrett was 20 years old and weighed 607 pounds. Robin sought help from renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan AKA Dr. Now. Her brother, Chris, who is Garrett’s father, was supposed to be Dr. Now’s patient as well. However, a heart attack left him too weak to make the trip from their home state of Kansas to Houston, Texas, to see him.


My 600-lb Life‘s Garrett and Robin decided to go through this journey together instead. A January 2023 episode of My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? revealed Garrett had moved back to Kansas to be with his father. Robin and her husband James joined him to spend the COVID-19 shutdown in Kansas. Although they could not meet with Dr. Now again, they were able to maintain their weight loss. They both eventually had skin removal surgery in Kansas, and after four years, Robin weighed 223 pounds with a total weight loss of 425 pounds. Garrett weighed 227 pounds with a total weight loss of 380 pounds.

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My 600-Lb Life’s Robin & Garrett Kept Persevering

Robin and Garrett from My 600-lb Life sitting side by side

When Robin and Garrett moved back to Kansas, Dr. Now was very worried that their return to the place where they initially gained all their weight would cause them to have setbacks. However, even in the face of a global pandemic, when other people were gaining weight due to being stuck inside, Robin and Garrett didn’t falter. They stuck to their diet and exercise plan. They proved to Dr. Now that they had overcome their food addiction to the point that their environment would not affect them.

My 600-Lb Life’s Robin & Garrett Showed The Power Of Family

My 600-lb Life stars Garrett and Robin post-weight loss

Robin and Garrett’s entire My 600-lb Life journey revolved around the theme of family members supporting each other. Not only did Robin and Garrett complete their weight loss journey together, but they also wanted to get healthy for their other family members. Garrett’s love for his father was evident throughout My 600-lb Life, and he was able to take care of himself while also being there for his dad. One of the sweetest moments was when Robin and Garrett went shopping for new clothes together after they lost weight. It showed how much they had achieved and how losing weight together strengthened their bond.

My 600-Lb Life’s Robin & Garrett Proved That People Can Change

My 600-lb Life is a show about the power of the human spirit. Although a weight loss journey can seem daunting for some people at first, Robin and Garrett proved that it is possible for people to change. They overcame their food addictions in order to get healthy and live better lives. Their stories were very inspiring and proved that My 600-lb Life can have a positive effect on people by presenting them with weight loss success stories.

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My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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