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What Happened To Dom Gabriel After Perfect Match Season 1

Dom Gabriel won Perfect Match season 1 alongside Georgia Hassarati and seemingly left the show together, but his life is in a completely different place one year later. The new Netflix reality show gathered singles from popular shows, including Too Hot To Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle, and The Mole, where they competed for love in Panama City. Though Dom thought he fought love, he has instead gained other things since filming.

After joining The Mole, Dom was then cast on Perfect Match season 1 as one of the more low-profile singles to join the dating competition show, which featured 23 cast members in total. Dom was 29 when he filmed, making him one of the older cast members; however, he still attracted plenty of attention. Dom was first matched with Francesca Farago, but she dumped him for Damien Powers. He then rebounded with Georgia, who he won the show with. Dom was then faced with a lot of temptation and challenges, including his close friend Ines Tazi professing her love for him, but he remained devoted to Georgia.


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Where Dom Gabriel Stands With His Perfect Match Exes

Dom and Georgia on Perfect Match laying back on sofa

Dom and Georgia confirmed their break-up in the Netflix update video shared on YouTube after the season was filmed. Georgia also opened up about their split on The Viall Files podcast after Francesca accused Georgia of cheating on Dom with her now-boyfriend Harry Jowsey, who is also Francesca’s ex from Too Hot To Handle season 1. Georgia revealed she only dated Dom for half a day and dumped him after she found out he hid that Ines said she loved him.

They then split for good after they met when filming wrapped, and Dom moved too fast for Georgia. Ines and Dom have gotten very close since filming, though Ines confirmed in a Vulture interview that she and Dom are close friends and are not dating. Dom and Francesca are now friends, and even spent Valentine’s Day with her and her boyfriend, Jesse Sullivan.

Dom Gabriel’s Life Has Changed Since Perfect Match

Ultimately, Dom walked away from Perfect Match single, as things with Georgia quickly fizzled. Though he appears to now be single, Dom is thriving in life. Many Perfect Match viewers named Dom a fan-favorite due to how in touch he was with his emotions. Dom now has nearly half a million Instagram followers and close to a million TikTok followers, as he has gained a tremendous amount of followers since Perfect Match premiered. Meanwhile, he formed many close-cast friendships, including with Ines. Dom is also close to Zay Wilson and enjoys filming comedy videos with his Perfect Match co-star.

What Is Next For Perfect Match Winner Dom Gabriel?

Given Dom’s popularity, it is likely that the Perfect Match season 1 winner will return to Netflix for a future show. Dom could even appear on Perfect Match season 2 if he remains single. However, Dom appears to be enjoying his newfound social media fame since filming Perfect Match. He is also a lead singer and songwriter for the band DONTCALL. “I wish every men was like you, Dom. … you’re so genuine and so loyal,” one fan commented on one of Dom’s recent posts. Dom has a bright future ahead of him in entertainment after Perfect Match.

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