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Yikes, Nate Is Worse Than We Expected In Ted Lasso Season 3

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 1!

Ted Lasso season 3 begins by making Nate even worse than anyone could have expected. The former lovable assistant coach at AFC Richmond took a villainous turn by the end of season 2. After getting some attention in the media for some of his coaching decisions when Ted Lasso was not around, Nate’s ego grew. It culminated with him leaving AFC Richmond to become the head coach of their rival, West Ham United F.C. The ending set up Nate to play a pivotal role in Ted Lasso season 3, with him embracing his meaner character traits as he’s fueled by hate.


Ted Lasso season 3, episode 1 provided the first chance for the show to extensively explore Nate’s villain turn. With a full head of gray hair now and West Ham owner Rupert Mannion manipulating him, Nate’s attitude in the new season is elevated from where he was last season. It was always expected that this team-up would turn the once fan-favorite Ted Lasso character into an even more despised figure. Even after seeing how he treated AFC Richmond’s new kit man in season 2 and leak Ted’s panic attack, Ted Lasso season 3 makes Nate even worse than imagined.

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Nate Fully Embraced Being The Villain In Ted Lasso Season 3

Nate from Ted lasso watching the news

Ted Lasso season 3 wastes little time making clear that Nate has fully embraced his villain turn by now. His introduction scene shows him completely ignoring one employee of West Ham who attempts to tell him good morning, while he then is incredibly rude to another colleague who comes into his office. Nate’s villain attitude in Ted Lasso season 3 is then seen through his coaching methods and relationship with the players during practice. He belittles one player and makes him stand on the “dumb-dumb line” after not practicing up to standard.

This is only a tease of how bad Nate has really gotten, as his horrible treatment of others is not contained to these slightly more private moments. His first preseason press conference as West Ham’s coach brings this crude persona to the public eye. He is incredibly rude to one journalist in particular who asks him a question about his surprising rise from kit man to manager in the Premier League in two years. Nate’s worse turn in Ted Lasso season 3 also includes taking shots at AFC Richmond and Ted Lasso during the press conference, letting his former friends and colleagues know that he does not care for them.

Why The West Ham Coaching Job Will Likely Backfire For Nate

Ted Lasso Season 3 Nate West Ham Coach

Nate might think that he is doing and saying the right things to lead him and West Ham to success, but it is more likely that Ted Lasso season 3 will have his West Ham experience backfire. The end of episode 1 includes a tease that Ted will want to patch things up with Nate before Ted Lasso ends. This will need to be a mutual decision, and Nate’s West Ham coaching job and how he acts could be what eventually lead him to the realization that he is not acting like himself.

Ted Lasso season 3 has made Nate worse for now, but the show is already signaling how his attitude and treatment of others will lead to his downfall. Belittling his players will likely lead to them not truly respecting him as a coach and questioning his decisions. Nate’s poor treatment of journalists will also surely bring greater scrutiny upon him and West Ham should they not live up to the high preseason predictions. His attitude has even potentially begun affecting his relationship with his parents. It all points to Ted Lasso season 3 making Nate way worse before he is redeemed.

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