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A Quiet Place Complete Timeline Explained

The A Quiet Place timeline shows how fast the world changed with the arrival of the deadly monsters who hunt by sound. The first movie in the series establishes that the Abbott family is living a year into the horrific phenomenon. Thanks to the sequel A Quiet Place II, the A Quiet Place timeline has been further fleshed out, providing people with more insight as to what happened. As of now, the franchise is expanding past the first two films. A Quiet Place 3 is set to come out in 2025, as John Krasinski announced. In addition, a prequel/spinoff is coming in 2023, helmed by Nicolas Cage’s Pig director Michael Sarnoski.


The first movie in the Quiet Place series chronicles the Abbot family’s story of survival with parents Lee (John Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) as well as their children, Emily (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and the soon-to-be-born new baby over the course of a couple of days. A Quiet Place Part II provides a little context to the story that the first movie laid out. But for the most part, its focus is on expanding its universe with A Quiet Place‘s original characters joined by new characters. The sequel also mostly covers a few days after the events of the original but adds to the Quiet Place timeline with a glimpse at the world before the alien invasion.

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A Quiet Place Part II’s Opening Sequence

Quiet Place 2 Trailer John Krasinski Lee

The A Quiet Place timeline takes viewers back to the first moment of the alien invasion in Part II with a gripping opening sequence. This includes Krasinski’s Lee temporarily returning to the series. The movie shows that the Abbotts lived in a small, tight-knit community. It was the kind of town that gathered for a little league baseball game, as they did for one of Marcus’ in this opening scene. While Marcus is up to bat, he and the crowd notice a flaming object falling from the sky, obviously foreshadowing the imminent arrival of the unwelcome guests. As people disperse, the monsters introduced in A Quiet Place descend on the townspeople.

The family splits up as Evelyn and Lee take two separate cars to the game. It’s important to note that Regan opts to go with her father. The last time audiences saw the father and daughter duo, their relationship was tense. But A Quiet Place Part II‘s opening sequence proves that they were once incredibly close. Seeing the two of them together on good terms just makes Lee’s eventual sacrifice, and what that loss means to the rest of the family, especially Regan, all the more devastating.

Beau Abbott’s Death

The death of the Abbotts’ youngest child Beau takes place early in the timeline of the invasion, about a few months before the first movie’s events. Marcus is sick, so the family carefully makes its way into town, hoping to scavenge medicine from the picked-over convenience store. He picks up a toy rocket ship, but Lee immediately reprimands him, as the toy would make too much noise. Regan, trying to be a good big sister, grabs the toy for Beau when Lee isn’t looking.

As Beau is too young to understand the ramifications of his actions, he turns on the toy on their walk home. One of the alien monsters grabs and kills Beau before Lee can get to him. The Abbotts make a memorial site for Beau to honor him, marking 2020 as the year of his death. It’s the only indicator of exactly when the movie series takes place. The impact of Beau’s death so early within the A Quiet Place timeline is felt throughout the rest of the series, mainly through Regan’s now-strained relationship with her father Lee.

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A Quiet Place

The rest of the A Quiet Place timeline jumps forward slightly, placing the Abbotts in 2021 and still reeling from Beau’s death. The movie picks up on an average day in the life of the Abbotts in their new normal. Evelyn is heavily pregnant and taking care of their two older children. Lee desperately tries to make contact with any survivors and hopes to make improvements to Regan’s cochlear implant. But despite the work he’s doing for her, Lee and Regan’s relationship is strained. As Regan gave Beau the toy that eventually led to his death, she blames herself for the incident. She feels that Lee also blames her.

When Lee takes Marcus fishing, and Regan sneaks off to visit Beau’s memorial, Evelyn goes into labor. She accidentally makes a noise, attracting the Quiet Place monsters to the house when she’s at her most vulnerable. While the Abbott family is in a panic to reunite and save Evelyn, the kids are cornered by monsters. Lee yells out, sacrificing himself so the kids can escape to their mother with their lives. Seconds before his death, Lee makes sure to sign to Regan that he has always loved her.

Once the kids find their way back to their mom, they realize that the feedback from Regan’s implants distresses the monsters and weakens them for just enough time for Evelyn to shoot them. A Quiet Place ends with the surviving Abbotts luring the monsters to their basement, knowing there is finally a way to kill them. This portion of the timeline set the stage for an important chapter in the Abbotts’ lives. For one, they’d have to learn how to get on without their patriarch Lee. Second, the fact that they discovered the Quiet Place monsters’ weakness is an absolute game-changer.

When A Quiet Place was released, it was initially marketed as a standalone feature. The sequel’s announcement only came after the horror movie became a massive success. But with the story officially being expanded, the Abbotts’ discovery could eventually be the key to ending the crisis that the invasion started and finally getting back to some semblance of a normal life.

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A Quiet Place Part II

Regan (Millicent Simmonds) braves the unknown in "A Quiet Place Part II."

After its opening sequence, A Quiet Place Part II launches to the current day. It picks up mere seconds after the first movie ends. In A Quiet Place, Lee lit a signal fire every night to survivors in neighboring areas. After losing him, Evelyn, Marcus, and Regan set off to find anyone on the other side of one of those flames. They happen to run into former acquaintance Emmett (played by Peaky Blinders‘ Cillian Murphy), who begrudgingly takes the family in temporarily.

The rest of the movie’s events take place over a few days at the most. Regan breaks off on her own to find help, and Emmett tracks her down and eventually accompanies her. Evelyn and an injured Marcus stay behind. The movie ends with Regan and Emmett reaching a working radio station, meaning that they can blast the feedback from her implants and weaken the monsters. How many of them the devastating soundtrack will reach remains to be seen, but after years of being nearly defenseless against the aliens, humanity can finally begin to fight back.

Lee’s last words to Regan gave her the courage to risk her life and try to help others. She was sullen in the first movie, due to her anger, guilt, and sadness over the loss of Beau. But after seeing Lee’s sacrificial death in A Quiet Place to save her and Marcus, she knew he’d want her to do the same thing. So once Regan found an opportunity to potentially save other people in A Quiet Place Part II, she knew she had to take it. Exhibiting tremendous character growth, Regan faces a monster head-on to save Emmett’s life in A Quiet Place Part II‘s ending.

The Future Of The A Quiet Place Franchise

John Krasinski Emily blunt A quiet place 3

After the tremendous critical and commercial success stories of both A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place 2, one thing that’s certain is that more of the franchise is coming. What’s a bit up in the air right now is the form the next movie will take. While writer/director John Krasinski announced the third installment in the Abbott family story, the next A Quiet Place movie will be a spinoff centered on new characters, existing within the established universe. It would appear that Paramount thinks they might be able to turn the A Quiet Place franchise into their equivalent of Warner Bros.’ The Conjuring.

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Everything We Know About A Quiet Place III

Simmonds looking up in A Quiet Place

The story of A Quiet Place II sets up a full franchise, which prompted the conception of the upcoming spinoff and A Quiet Place III. After much speculation, the third installment has been greenlit with a 2025 release. What is yet to be seen is whether or not Krasinski will be back at the helm or if another director will take over his spot. However, since the actor/director helmed A Quiet Place I and II with success, it’s unlikely he’ll give up his chair just yet. John Krasinski teased that the plot for A Quiet Place III is going to be something that the franchise hasn’t done before.

Given A Quiet Place II‘s ending, there will probably be some time spent on the boat and the island with the rest of the newfound survivors. A Quiet Place III‘s cast still hasn’t been announced, but it’s highly likely that Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Emmett (Cillian Murphy) will return, as they need to reconnect with Marcus, Evelyn, and the baby. In addition, there will likely be a new cast of survivors on the island, but no one knows if any of them got to seek true sanctuary in A Quiet Place II. Likely, A Quiet Place III will pick up where the last movie left off, adding yet more to the A Quiet Place timeline.

The Quiet Place Spin-Off Will Show Day One Of The Invasion

Feature Image A Quiet Place Day One

A Quiet Place prequel seems like the smartest direction for the franchise to take which is exactly what fans can expect next. Pig director Michael Sarnoski will take the reigns for this spinoff, titled A Quiet Place: Day One. As the title suggests, the movie will depict the first day of the invasion as the human characters are faced with monsters who can hunt and kill based on sound. While fans got a glimpse of this first day in A Quiet Place II, it seems as though the new movie will be focusing on a different group of survivors with a cast that includes Lupita Nyong’o, Alex Wolff, and Joseph Quinn.

Given that the spinoff movie will be returning to when the invasion began, it’s possible that fans will get a little more insight into the origins of A Quiet Place‘s monsters. It will also be interesting to see how the franchise manages without the Abbott family at the center of it all as their relationship has elevated the previous movies so far. However, it does seem like a wise decision to take the franchise in a new direction even if the prequel won’t further the A Quiet Place timeline much.

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