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How To Build (& Use) a Chopping Block In Valheim

The Chopping Block is one of the first upgrades players can construct for their Workbenches in Valheim. Workbench upgrades are key parts of player progression in Valheim; after placing them, players gain access to additional crafting recipes and the chance to upgrade their items even further. In addition, the Chopping Block upgrade is relatively cheap, making it a worthwhile investment for players in the early game as it gives them access to more crafting recipes in exchange for a relatively small amount of collected resources.

Once players have found the best place to build a base in Valheim, they should be able to establish a firm foundation for long-term survival. Again, the Workbench is key, as it provides a central point where players can begin construction, and it can be gradually upgraded throughout the game. To upgrade the Workbench with a Chopping Block, players need to gather 10 Wood and 10 Flint. Wood can be found almost everywhere, but Flint is generally rarer and can only be found in specific locations.

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How To Build & Use The Chopping Block In Valheim

Valheim Male Player Using Workbench With Chopping Block Upgrade Indoors

Players can find Wood easily by chopping down trees with an axe. It’s an essential resource, and players will probably already have some in their inventories to use. To find Flint in Valheim, players should search along the edges of any bodies of water, ranging from small forest ponds to coastlines. In the early game, players will generally want to use their Flint to craft Flint tools and weapons instead of the Chopping Block.

Flint tools offer a solid upgrade on stone tools and allow players to gather resources faster. However, it’s easy to get Flint quickly in Valheim. Once players have gathered what they need, they should equip the Hammer and open the build menu to place a Chopping Block.

As a Workbench upgrade, the Chopping Block should be placed near a Workbench.

Multiple Workbenches can benefit from the same upgrade as long as it’s within range, so players should keep that in mind when setting up their Valheim bases. The Chopping Block is essentially the first Workbench upgrade players can get in Valheim, but it’s no less important than subsequent upgrades. By placing it, players upgrade their Workbenches by one level, giving them access to further item upgrades that ensure they’re better equipped to face the dangers of Valheim.

Of course, subsequent Workbench upgrades such as the Tanning Rack and Tool Shelf are equally essential, but the Chopping Block is much cheaper. As such, it’s a significant first upgrade for Valheim players and an important stepping stone on the path to future glory.

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