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How To Farm Leather Scraps In Valheim (The Fast Way)

Players can farm Leather Scraps in Valheim, giving themselves quick access to a vital resource used in many crafting and building recipes. Leather Scraps drop from various sources, including bats and wild boars, making them relatively easy to obtain. However, players looking for a steady and reliable source of Leather Scraps should construct a farm to tame and breed wild boars. Farms offer a low-risk way for players to get Leather Scraps close to their home bases.

Constructing a boar farm can be a relatively challenging task, so players should ideally establish a firm foundation in Valheim by building a base and obtaining some basic gear before starting one. To build a boar farm, players must trap wild boars in a pen, usually constructed with fencing material, before feeding them to calm and tame them. With more than one boar, players can breed these animals, allowing them to farm Valheim’s Leather Scraps.

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How To Get Leather Scraps Fast In Valheim

Valheim Male Player Building Basic Boar Farm Pen With Single Boar

To start constructing a boar farm in Valheim, players should first find an excellent spot to build a boar pen. Essentially, this means building a ring of round pole fences with a single gap. The flat terrain is usually best if players can find it, as it makes building easier. After building, players need to find some wild boars. Much like constructing a Honey Farm in Valheim, some risk is involved. Wild boars are aggressive and will attack players.

To trap a wild boar, players must get it to chase them, then lead it back into the pen. First, players should lead the boar through the gap in the fence, then quickly exit the pen, building a fence to close the gap and trap the boar. After this, players can tame the boar by tossing food, such as carrots, into the pen to keep it fed. Taming can take a few in-game days, so players need to be patient. As the boar is being domesticated, players should spot golden hearts appearing.

Don’t get too close to the pen, or place a fire source near it. Both will frighten the boars and halt the taming process.

Players can tame most beasts this way, and they can even name-tame Valheim boars, wolves, and Lox. To breed, players should have at least two boars in the same pen, which are kept well-fed. This will eventually lead to pregnancy and the birth of a baby boar. Once players have bred enough boars, they can kill and harvest some to get Leather Scraps.

Valheim Male Player Checking On Leather Scraps Boar Farm Pen With Domesticated Boars

Aside from farming Leather Scraps, players can also harvest Boar Trophies and Boar Meat this way. Boar Trophies serve as decorative items, while Boar Meat can be cooked and consumed for extra health. This gives boar farms plenty of extra utility, even if Leather Scraps are the leading reason players build these farms. Leather Scraps are used in many recipes, including for the bow, allowing players to hunt deer and make Valheim’s Deer Stew. As such, players should make boar farms a part of any Valheim base.

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