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MyPillow Guy Claims Company Broke Defending Election Fraud Claims – Rolling Stone

Mike Lindell claims the company has had to borrow almost $10 million to keep the lights on

MyPillow Founder and CEO Mike Lindell claims the company has had to borrow almost $10 million to keep the lights on. The MyPillow guy has been embroiled in a series of lawsuits brought by voting machine manufacturers who allege Lindell defamed them by spreading conspiracies regarding their role in the 2020 election. 

“The machine companies continue to sue us for billions of dollars, and we had to borrow almost $10 million at MyPillow,” Lindell told far-right radio host and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on Wednesday. 

In January, Lindell claimed that the sleep sundry company had lost more than $100 million in retail in the aftermath of the 2020 election. The claim has been contradicted by Dominion Voting Systems, one of the companies suing Lindell, who alleges the CEO has used his claims of electoral fraud to boost sales. 

But while Lindell claims to be hemorrhaging cash, the company continues to liberally distribute discount codes for its sponsorship program. An investigation by the progressive watchdog Media Matters found that MyPillow was helping fund at least 17 QAnon-affiliated shows and personalities by offering them a cut of sales made through their sales code. 


These personalities include Sidney Powell, an attorney who, alongside Lindell, spread conspiracy theories regarding Dominion and Smartmatic voting systems, and has also been named as a defendant in the defamation suits brought by the company. 

While it’s well known that MyPillow serves as a vehicle to fund Lindell’s legal endeavors, the financial consequences may be creeping up on the company and its owner. Lindell lamented to Newsweek on Wednesday that he is facing what he calls a “suspicious” audit by the Internal Revenue Service. “Where does the attack end?” Lindell told the publication. “It kind of seems suspicious: ‘well, let’s audit him, see how much money he has left and we’ll take that too.”

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