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Hardships Memphis Has Endured Since Divorce From Hamza

90 Day Fiancé couple Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii divorced in October 2022, and Memphis has been struggling since. When Memphis was first seen in the franchise on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5, she was madly in love with Tunisian man Hamza, who she met on an international dating website. Memphis was so smitten by Hamza, and wanted to get married to him the moment they met in person for the first time to skip the lengthy K-1 process entirely.


90 Day Fiancé’s Memphis Smith and Hamza barely spoke each other’s languages, and Hamza had no job back home. Hamza kept his age and his mom’s traditional beliefs from Memphis and she wanted him to sign a prenup, but it was too late. Memphis hadn’t told Hamza about her close relationship with her ex-husband, and how she stayed at his home while she was with Hamza. They still went ahead with their wedding, and Memphis was shockingly pregnant a week into their honeymoon in the finale. Hamza was already in the U.S. during the Tell-All, and revealed he moved a few weeks after Memphis delivered their baby. Before Hamza and Memphis revealed anything else about their marriage, Memphis claimed she was sick and left the Tell-All set hastily.

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When Did 90 Day Fiancé Couple Memphis & Hamza Get Divorced?

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Hamza Moknii and Memphis Smith

Rumors of a split between Hamza and Memphis were rife even before the Tell-All, when they both unfollowed each other and deleted every post together on Instagram. Hamza wasn’t in Michigan anymore, and moved to Chicago to try modeling. Memphis’ mother accused Hamza of being abusive, and soon enough Hamza started posting sad Instagram stories about not being allowed to see his baby daughter. Memphis also shared cryptic stories on Instagram, alluding to Hamza indulging in the practice of “bezness.” In February, InTouch confirmed that Memphis and Hamza officially divorced after less than two years of marriage.

90 Day Fiancé Star Memphis Files For Bankruptcy After Divorce from Hamza

Hamza and Memphis 90 Day Fiancé

Around the same time, InTouch also reported that Memphis had gone bankrupt after the divorce. In November 2022, just a month following her divorce, Memphis filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition. Memphis had no property to use as an asset, and according to her Chapter 7 bankruptcy statements, she claimed to not have a monthly income. However, an amended statement soon adjusted Memphis’ income to $4,282.85 per month. Memphis owes a total of $225,430.57 in debt and liabilities and her monthly expenses equate to -$4,640.

What 90 Day Fiancé Star Memphis Has Been Posting On Instagram

Memphis often posts motivating and spiritual quotes in her Instagram stories that refer to the incidents going on in her private life. On the day of her divorce, Memphis shared a post that read, “looking back as I close the calendar from days of 2021 & 10 months of 2022. May your days be blessed, your family be healthy and your future be bright.” Memphis has posted selfies to show how “confident and flawless” she is, from sharing bathroom mirror selfies to showing her post-baby weight loss of 44 pounds.

Memphis stays away from social media and refrains from talking about her life on Instagram. However, when her daughter’s name was leaked by news outlets, she wrote that “enough is enough,” and she would be releasing “statements soon.” Memphis believes her minor child’s name being leaked by the “spineless” has created a safety concern and put the child’s privacy into “jeopardy,” especially since she has nothing to do with 90 Day Fiancé anymore.

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