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Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Companion Responds To Potential Return Chances

Former Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill responds to the chances of his character, Rory Williams, returning for a guest appearance in the show. Darvill starred in Doctor Who from 2010 to 2012, during Matt Smith’s run as the 11th Doctor. Rory was the boyfriend of Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), who met the Doctor when she was a child and was reunited with him 12 years later. He worked as a nurse before his adventures with the Doctor, which would see him become a hero in his own right, even dying and coming back several times while saving Amy and the universe.


In an interview with Metro, Darvill opened up about the possibility of Rory returning to the Doctor Who franchise someday. The show’s time travel makes it possible for nearly anything to happen, and Darvill expressed some openness to a potential return. Check out his statement below:

“I always said that I wouldn’t but I think that changes over time. I’m sure it will happen at some point. [Matt, Karen and I] have always said we’d have to do it together.”

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What Happened To Amy And Rory In Doctor Who?

The Doctor, Amy and Rory in Doctor Who The Curse of the Black Spot

As Darvill mentioned, an Amy, Rory, and Eleventh Doctor reunion would be exciting, especially considering that Amy and Rory had one of the most emotional departures from the show. Darvill and Gillan made their final appearance in season 7, episode 5, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” The episode saw the return of one of the show’s most chilling villains, the Weeping Angels. The ancient species take on the appearance of statues and advance on their prey every time they are not being looked at, sending those they touch back in time.

At the end of “The Angels Take Manhattan,” Rory is touched by an angel and sent back in time to 1938, at which point Amy also allows herself to get touched by the angel so that she can be with Rory. After making their choice, they lived normal lives from 1938 onwards and eventually died of old age. However, their departure was quite devastating for Matt Smith’s Doctor, who had grown extremely close to the pair during their adventures. The fact that they continued to exist in the past suggested hope that the Doctor would travel to see them one day.

Unfortunately, the number of paradoxes and timeline damage prevented the Doctor from going back in time to visit Rory and Amy. He was forced to simply walk away from the situation because New York could’ve been destroyed if one more change was made. However, this hasn’t stopped many viewers from hoping that one loophole exists somewhere that will get around this plot point and see the trio reunited one more time. Only time will tell if Doctor Who decides to find a unique way to bring back Darvill or Gillan.

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Source: Metro

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