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5 Reasons Why Joe Will Be A Scarier Villain In You Season 5

It may seem like Joe Goldberg reached his villainous peak in You season 4, but the season finale proves Joe will only get darker in season 5. There is still no confirmation if You season 5 will happen, although a continuation is possible thanks to an open-ended season 4 finale. You star Penn Badgley has expressed an interest in season 5, although specifies that it should be the final season. You first premiered in 2018, and Joe’s story will start to get old if someone does not catch him and hold him accountable for his five-year-long killing spree soon.

Since the final scene sets the show up for a continuation, You season 4 was likely not the end. Now living in New York City with Kate Galvin, Joe used Kate’s connections to cover up his past and come out of hiding. Joe was believed dead after staging his own death so that no one would know he actually killed Love Quinn and ran away. With that cleared up, Joe can reenter the world as himself, which is a scary thought for everyone who knows the truth about his addiction to killing. The worst part is that Joe could get even scarier in You season 5.

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5 Joe Has Kate’s Money & Power To Help Him

You season 4 character Kate

With Kate by his side, Joe has far more influence and power than he ever did before You season 4. Joe does not come from money, which is why he has so much criticism of the upper class and attempts to justify slaughtering them on a regular basis. However, Kate is the wealthiest person Joe has ever found himself intertwined with, and if she could cover up his violent past, she is surely capable of a lot more.

Kate’s money will allow Joe to pay off anyone he has to, which means there is even less chance of him getting caught. Kate’s money and power may also give Joe more confidence, making him feel untouchable. If he believes he can get away with anything, Joe is going to take his killer ways to the extreme in You season 5.

4 Joe Has Embraced His Killer Side

Joe Goldberg Staring To The Right

At the end of You season 4, Joe accepts that he is a killer for the first time, and it does not seem like he has any plans to stop that dangerous hobby. In the past, Joe made excuses for why he killed so many people and seemed to convince himself over and over again that he was innocent. This inner belief made it even easier for Joe to convince others of his innocence.

While this never stopped him from killing, Joe’s attacks will likely worsen now that he has come to terms with his addiction. There have been times in You when Joe spared characters like Nadia, but the likelihood of him doing that now is much lower. The villainous side of Joe will come out more often in You season 5, and will make for an especially dark season, possibly more grotesque than any that came before.

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3 You Season 5 Could Be The End

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You

As Penn Badgley himself has suggested, You season 5 would be an opportune time to end the show. If season 5 is the final run, You will want to go out with a bang, and there is no better way to do that than raising Joe’s creepiness to the extreme. As You season 4’s finale confirmed, nothing is off limits, and there are no rules when it comes to Joe’s villainous lifestyle. This could lead to Joe reaching new peaks as a killer if Badgley is right about You season 5 ending the show. You could even take inspiration from real-life serial killers to make Joe the scariest he has ever been.

2 Joe Is Familiar With New York City

You season 1's Joe and Beck

For the first time since You season 1, Joe is back in New York. This could be a hint that You season 5 is the end, as Joe has returned to where it all began to finish things up. The fact that Joe has already lived in New York can make him more powerful because he is not the newcomer or outsider he was in London. He conquered New York City once before by killing off Beck and her friends. If he got away with it once, Joe already knows what he is capable of in New York. This confidence will only drive him to be worse than in the You season 4 ending.

Joe seemed especially out of place in London under the false identity of Jonathan Moore. When he thought there was a killer after him, Joe appeared the most scared he has ever been since You began. He was in unfamiliar territory and in hiding, terrified of someone finding out the truth. Joe even reached a point where he attempted to take his own life. However, Joe is no stranger to New York. He is also no longer in hiding and has nothing to fear in the city he knows so well. Joe’s second time in New York is bound to be a lot more gruesome than his last.

1 Joe Has Rhys By His Side

You season 4 Joe and Rhys

Joe will not be working alone in You season 5. While the You character previously had Love Quinn by his side, and even had hallucinations of ex-girlfriend Candace throughout season 1, Joe found a true accomplice in Rhys. Of course, this is not actually Rhys, but an imaginary Rhys that Joe sees everywhere he goes. Joe seemed to have killed the imaginary politician off when he pushed him off a bridge and freed himself from him.

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However, the end of You season 4 shows Joe looking out the window of his apartment and seeing Rhys staring back at him. Rhys will likely be a part of You season 5, and with a projection of his own evil working beside him, Joe is capable of even worse crimes than he has committed in the past. Joe might even try to claim that You season 4 character Rhys is still alive, and responsible for all the deaths happening in New York City.

There are endless possibilities for the potential You season 5, although one thing seems certain – Joe is reaching a level of terror that he has never reached before. Whether Kate knows the full extent of Joe’s past is unclear, but her affluent lifestyle will be getting him out of trouble whether she realizes it or not. With that kind of power, Joe has the potential to become the scariest killer the world has ever seen in You season 5.

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