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Sienna Berry raleigh nc dead and obituary, native to the Pacific Coast, from San Diego –

Sienna Berry lives in Seattle with her husband and their two furry children, Charlie and Zak. It is native to the Pacific coast from San Diego, California, to Rogue Valley, Portland in southern Oregon, and finally settled in Seattle, Washington. Home is definitely where the heart is, but when it comes to traveling to Croatia or exploring the wonders of Europe, home is what matters. Sienna was inspired by the lush greenery, beautiful water and mountains surrounding Seattle and PNW. Traveling to new places, seeing other cultures, learning about history and admiring beautiful architecture are just some of her favorite pastimes.

With a naturally warm personality and a gentle soul; when it comes to creative skills, Sienna is a versatile woman. Since she was a child, Sienna has been interested in pottery, sculpture, painting and other art things, and never misses the opportunity to do it herself. After high school, Sienna went to cosmetology school and received her cosmetology license. Mastering skills like painting and sculpting was an easy choice at the time, a career she would keep in her pocket for the rest of her life, whether she worked in a salon, tinkered or dreamed of opening her own salon. Other interests and hobbies include thrift shopping for antiques and unique items, jewelry making from found items, painting rocks, collage art, repurposing old furniture with mirrored mosaic designs, and doing a thorough house cleaning to clear the mind.

With all the creativity and business acumen, running a website, learning how to photograph and market items, while being creative is a never-ending endeavor. Please be patient with these challenges and don’t hesitate to contact us via direct message on Instagram, email or Facebook message or ask about item availability.


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