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Why LPBW Fans Are Loving Amy Roloff’s Rescue Puppy

Little People, Big World fans are enamored with Amy Roloff’s furry bundle of joy, which is her new rescue puppy. Now that her children have left the nest, she loves doting on her dog, Daisy Mae. Expanding their family by four legs has been a welcome addition for Amy and her husband, Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff is known for her loving and compassionate nature. She has always put her family first, and raised her four children with a sense of pride and patience. As the matriarch of the Roloff family, she has kept everything together, even amid unexpected difficulties and changes.

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Little People, Big World Fans Love Amy Roloff’s Furry Friend

On Instagram, Amy posted a photo of her affectionate and loyal companion, Daisy Mae. She proudly shared pictures showing off Daisy Mae after a much-needed shampoo and trim. Amy captioned the post, “Well, Daisy Mae needed grooming. Doesn’t she look terrific? Love this dog.” Little People, Big World fans couldn’t help but fall in love with the cute canine. One fan commented on the post, “Oh my! She is just adorable!!”

Amy is moving on from the feud that has engulfed her family in heartbreak and tension. Things have not been the same for the Roloff family since there was a falling out over the family farm, and the Little People, Big World star is saddened by all the drama. However, it looks like she is finding comfort and love in her dog, Daisy Mae.

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff Rescued Daisy Mae

According to InTouch, Amy and Chris rescued Daisy Mae and welcomed her into their family with open arms. The couple has enjoyed having their sweet pup by their side as they embark on all of their adventures. Daisy Mae’s exact breed is unclear, but all that matters to Amy and Chris is that they were able to give her a loving and caring home.

Amy loves whipping up delicious recipes, but when she isn’t in the kitchen working on her culinary endeavors, she has fun taking Daisy Mae on walks and playing with her outside. Little People, Big World fans are happy to see the undeniable bond that Amy shares with her dog. Amy shared a recent Instagram post with Daisy Mae running in the snow. One of her followers commented on the post, “So great that she now has her forever home. She is a very lucky dog, as I’m sure you feel that you are as well.”

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Amy has been through a lot on Little People, Big World, and to see the joy that her new best friend brings is wonderful. Being able to direct her focus on something positive has been important in this season of her life. Amy doesn’t like Matt’s new rules, but she isn’t letting it get in the way of cultivating happiness for herself. Fans hope to see more of Daisy Mae and all of her adventures.

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