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George Lucas’ Original Name For The Force Was So Much Deeper

Star Wars director George Lucas originally gave the Force a different name – one that is much deeper. When Obi-Wan Kenobi first explained the Force to Luke Skywalker, he called it “an energy field created by all living things” that exists everywhere and binds the entire galaxy together. The Force grants its users the abilities of telekinesis, telepathy, and even the power to trick minds. It also acts as a guide, helping direct a person’s actions and path in life.


Every Jedi sees the Force in a different way. That has become particularly clear in Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The High Republic transmedia initiative, set centuries before Yoda’s perception became dominant. Jedi Master Avar Kriss hears the Force as a song, the Wookiee Burryaga connects to the Force as though he is a single leaf on a gigantic tree, Bell Zettifar danced with fire and Loden Greatstorm with the wind. Because each person has a unique relationship with the Force, their relationship with it is unique and distinct. The Force’s greatest nature is hinted in Lucas’ original plans for it, particularly its name.

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George Lucas’ “Force Of Others” Defined The Jedi Philosophy

Jedi from the High Republic era.

Star Wars creator originally planned to call the Force, the iconic power used by Jedi and Sith, “The Force of Others.” The deepest definition of the Force was provided in Star Wars Rebels, where ancient names for the light and dark side – Ashla, the good (the spirit of the galaxy) and Bogan, the dark – were revealed. The Jedi have a strong connection with “The Force of Others,” as they are selfless heroes who believe it is their sacred duty to strive to make the galaxy better for everyone.

Lucas’ original name for the Force, “The Force of Others,” stresses the interconnectedness of this energy field – and a Jedi’s role in sensing others, interacting with them through the Force. When Yoda explained the Force in The Empire Strikes Back, he claimed the mystical energy field dwelled within all living things and helped create life itself. This notion connects back to “The Force of Others” as the strength of the Jedi comes not from their own self, but from the connections a Force user makes with other living beings and the environment. It ties to the concept of the Living Force, by which Jedi can live on as a Force ghost after death, truly becoming one with the Force.

The Force Of Others Shows The Difference Between Jedi & Sith


In Star Wars, the Jedi and the Sith’s views on the Force affected how they operated in battle but also in life. The Jedi were taught to not let their emotions guide the direction of their mental state as doing so would only cloud their connection to the Force. Sith users of the Force commonly shared feelings such as fear, hatred, and anger, which helped fuel their strength. Instead of following an inward-thinking mindset, the Jedi believed in sacrificing their personal passions and relinquishing their emotions. Doing so allowed them to remain neutral in fights – all to maintain balance, unlike their evil counterparts.

Furthermore, the Jedi viewed the Force as a way to bring peace and harmony to the galaxy and used it as a means to communicate and learn from others; they were supposed to never act in self-interest. The Sith were quite the opposite, viewing it as a tool that could be manipulated for their own personal gain. The Jedi use the Force for others, the Sith to exert control over others. The different sides of the Force give Sith and Jedi different Force powers, tailored to their distinctive relationships with it. Jedi powers enhance connection, while Sith use their abilities to crave more power.

Why Did George Lucas Change The Name Of The Force?


When director George Lucas initially created the Force, he combined a wide range of religious, mythological, and philosophical concepts to help give it a proper meaning. But he presumably felt the name “The Force of Others” was too complex, potentially overshadowing Jedi beliefs about the Force. He went for a simpler option, “The Force,” and no Star Wars viewers would really think he made a mistake in going for an easier concept.

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