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Mars, Venus, Jupiter to Mercury, see 5 planets TOGETHER in the night sky March 28

The last week of March offers a great backdrop for sky-watchers. Up to five planets, including the moon, will appear in the sky on March 28. It is known that the five planets will not lie in a literal straight line but will resemble an arc. Planets that you can observe on March 28 after sunset include Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus, as reported by Fox News.

According to the information, Jupiter will appear brighter than Mercury. While Venus would be the brightest of them all. “Venus will be brighter to the upper left of Jupiter and Mercury,” a Live Mint’s report mentioned. It is possible to know that Venus will be visible to the naked eye as it will be the brightest of all.

Uranus would be hardest to find without visual aids. In addition, the report adds that Uranus will appear close to Venus but very faintly, and Mars will also appear very high in the sky and will have a noticeable color.

As you can see, March is an eventful month for those who love watching the night sky and are interested in outer space. Earlier on March 1, Venus and Jupiter conjunct. Also, Jupiter and Venus align with the moon during February.

According to NASA, “the planets orbit the Sun in the same plane – the ecliptic – and thus trace the same orbits across our sky,” according to NASA.

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