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Sweet Tooth’s Bear Romance Hint Is Exactly What Season 2 Needs

Sweet Tooth season 2 is on the horizon, and a new image hints toward a potential romance that could be a great addition to the Netflix series. Sweet Tooth is a fantasy drama series based on much darker comics of the same name written by Jeff Lemire. The series takes place in a world where a lethal pandemic has hit and a new generation of animal hybrid children has been born, including a deer hybrid named Gus who is on a mission to find his estranged mother.

By the Sweet Tooth season 1 ending, Gus meets a wide variety of people both dangerous and kind. One group in particular that starts out as a threat but becomes integral to Gus’ journey is the Animal Army, and in particular, their leader Bear. The Animal Army is a group of teenagers dressed as animals who have vowed to protect all hybrids, and Bear is the young woman who leads them. Bear welcomes Gus and Jepperd into the Animal Army’s home, but due to a coup, Bear leaves her crew and joins Gus, playing a crucial role in discovering where Gus’ mother, Birdie, has gone.


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Bear Might Have A Romance In Sweet Tooth Season 2

Sweet Tooth Bear Romance

The release of Sweet Tooth season 2’s sneak peek photos have raised suspicions about a new romance for Bear in the upcoming season. The theory arises with a particular picture of what could be the Sweet Tooth Animal Army, and Bear in deep conversation with a new teenage boy character. The picture only tells so much about who this newcomer is and his role in the series, but his closeness to Bear hints at the potential for romance between him and the ex-Animal Army leader. This storyline would not be surprising, as Sweet Tooth has mainly focused on established adult relationships so far, and this addition would bring an exciting new expansion to the main plot.

One storyline seems particularly likely to trigger Bear’s new romance. At the end of Sweet Tooth season 1, Bear accompanies Gus and Jepperd to Birdie’s house and remains there, clueless that Gus is captured by the Last Men and Jepperd is wounded. Bear’s final Sweet Tooth season 1 moment comes when she answers a call from Birdie, who reveals she is in Alaska. Leading into the plot of Sweet Tooth season 2, Bear may learn about Gus’ situation and try to reunite with the Animal Army to save him, and along the way will meet this mysterious teenage boy, perhaps because he has joined the Army after Bear originally left.

A Sweet Tooth Season 2 Romance Could Lighten The Darker Tone

Sweet Tooth Netflix Trailer

Though Sweet Tooth typically has a cheerful ambiance, season 2 could delve into much darker moments, which means Bear’s potential romance story is coming at the perfect time. Judging by the comic books and season 1’s finale, Sweet Tooth season 2 will set Gus on a dark journey as he attempts to escape General Abbot’s control and stop the experimentation on hybrid children. This new, potential likeness to the Sweet Tooth comics means that the series may need to find a balance of dark and light. In this way, Bear’s budding romance could add some positive energy to Sweet Tooth, and act as a reprieve from the upsetting moments Gus must face in captivity.

Although Bear’s romance is unconfirmed, it does spur on extra excitement as Sweet Tooth season 2 comes closer to being released. It seems that the second season could see vast changes from the first, allowing the characters to expand into new plots and scenarios. Old questions will get answers, and new storylines, including romance, will hopefully be given time to unfold.

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