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Ranking Every Party Member By Least To Most Powerful

Once the popular open-world RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 3 slashed its way to the masses in the summer of 2022, critics and casual gamers alike instantly praised the game for its excellent cast of main characters, aka Party Members. Aside from the core party members, roughly 20 playable side characters known …

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Two Surprising Heroes Are as Powerful as Homelander

In the world of The Boys, the vicious bully known as Homelander is the last word in superhuman power. However, despite what he may want people to think, there are a few supes out in the world whose power levels near his own. The most notable are Stormfront – the …

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The 20 Most Powerful Characters In Supernatural

Read update While Supernatural ended with the regular series and Sam and Dean finally found their peace, the franchise lives on. In October 2022, the prequel series The Winchesters kicked off and fans get to see the story of John Winchester meeting Mary and the two becoming hunters in their …

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